3 Important Types Of Doctors Commonly Found

Medicine is a stream that is composed of a large number of sub streams all having their own specializations. This effectively means that if we start making a list of the type of doctors, the list is not going to be small. Because doctors are expected to treating a life form, they need to be through at whatever they have to do. For example, a bone doctor is expected to have complete knowledge of bones and would be qualified to work even if he has only a little idea on how the heart works.

The specialization goes so deep that everything present around the doctor is related to his work in some form or the other. For starters, the office is expected to be full of charts, models and instruments which are clear indicators of what they specialize in. Example: a dentist in whose office you would find dentures and charts showing teeth from different angles and perspectives. It is so elaborate that even a layman can state what the doctor specializes in merely by having a peek into his office. Let us discuss some types of doctors that are very commonly found.

a) Dentist: The dentist has been talked about in the previous paragraph. He is someone who works on teeth. You would be surprised to find the number of problems that may arise with teeth. Patients with cavity plaque and denture problems are fairly common. Statistics show that 1 of every 2 people need to visit a dentist frequently. Dentists do elaborate works like capping and filling cavities to pleasant jobs of scrapping plaque off their patient's teeth.

b) Pediatrician: These are doctors whose work focuses around kids and their growth, especially the newly born. They keep track of the general growth pattern and look into specifics of whether the child is of appropriate weight and is not suffering from any disorder. They act as guides for the parents by telling them ways by which they can ensure that the child is given the right nourishing so that he/ she grows up to be healthy.

c) Plastic Surgeons: A relatively newer group of doctors but fast gaining popularity amongst the masses. They are bestowed with the job of improving people's appearances. A number of procedures exist which can be put to use to work from small things like nose touch ups to complicated assignments of breast enhancement. The idea is to make their patients feel happy about themselves, a reason which allows them to charge hefty fees for the treatment. Plastic surgery is a stream of medicine that requires high precision as there are many things that may go wrong.

Despite the various types in which doctors can be segregated, they are all expected to know basics of medicines (they have to undergo Bachelors in Medicine which is common for all before specialization in Masters). As the field of medicine further advances, things are expected to get sophisticated to an extent wherein specialization in sub stream of sub streams would be required.